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Updated on 08 JULY 2016

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Hours of Support
You can contact technical support at anytime as we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, please note that Saturday & Sunday and Holiday support is limited to password resets and troubleshooting of browser-related connectivity issues that are reported to CTP Help Desk via phone calls only. All weekend support requests submitted via email or chat message will be addressed the following Monday. For emergency Saturday-Sunday and Holiday support situations please phone the CTP Help Desk and ask that your call be escalated.

Our regularly scheduled maintenance window is every Saturday 10AM-2PM ET. System performance may be affected during this time.

Toll-Free US and Canada: 1-800-503-9480 Malaysia: 00-800-3635-0000
Toll Domestic & International: +1-610-832-8098 Mexico: 001-844-211-4286
Argentina: 0800-666-1835 Netherlands: 00-800-3635-0000
Australia: 0011-800-3635-0000 New Zealand: 00-800-3635-0000
Belgium: 00-800-3635-0000 Poland: 00-800-141-0031
Brazil: 0800-8924259 Portugal: 00-800-3635-0000
China: 00-800-3635-0000 Russia: 810-800-3635-0000
Czech Republic: 00-800-3635-0000 Singapore: 001-800-3635-0000
Denmark: 00-800-3635-0000 South Africa: 00-800-3635-0000
Finland: 990-800-3635-0000 South Korea: 002-800-3635-0000
France: 0800-919639 Spain: 900-931485
Germany: 00-800-3635-0000 Sweden: 00-800-3635-0000
Hong Kong: 001-800-3635-0000 Switzerland: 0800-553-701
Hungary: 06-800-16401 Taiwan: 00-800-3635-0000
India: 000-800-100-3783 Thailand: 001-800-3635-0000
Ireland: 00-800-3635-0000 Turkey: 00800-113-6335
Israel: 00-800-3635-0000 UK: 0-800-014-8906
Italy: 800-870-098 Ukraine: 8-800-5047650